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S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW (SKAIL) was established by SIKKIM BENGAL EDUCATIONAL TRUST (SBET) in 2004 on the campus of University of Kalyani. The institute is named after Late Snehangshu Kanta Acharya , Bar-at-Law, the legal luminary of Bengal, renowned for his contributions in the field of law and philanthropy. The institute was formally inaugurated on 30th June, 2004 by Hon’ble Shri. Jyoti Basu, former Chief Minister of West Bengal in presence of galaxy of dignitaries.

The primary objective of SKAIL is advancement of learning, teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge of law and development of competence and skills of students intending to take up judicial service, legal consultancy, advocacy, corporate law management and teaching of law as professional career.

S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW Is conceived as a premier centre of legal education in the region keeping pace with emerging trends of modernization and professionalism in legal education. With globalization, liberalization and subsequent entry of MNC’s, the profession has undergone a complete transformation. The canvas is wide and developments in science and technology have given the profession a new dimension. The discipline is no longer confined to sheer advocacy in court of law as the students are having many exciting specializations to choose from namely Cyber Law, International Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate law being some of them. What is important to note that none of the areas are rigid and water tight compartment rather they are interrelated. And it’s the boom in internet and e-commerce that has given the areas a boost. Yet a student wishing to stick to the traditional field may take up either Civil or Criminal laws. In a word, options are vast before a learner.

S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW aims at setting the highest standards in legal education in the country in terms of course content, teaching methodology, learning environment and examination system. SKAIL focuses on developing intellectual and professional capabilities of students and highlights compressive and in-depth learning about the legal concepts and doctrines, substantive and procedural laws and judicial rulings and precedents in various areas of law.

S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW emphasizes discipline, decency and manners in the conduct of students and all efforts are made to develop their personality. Classes are held strictly as per schedule. Regular class tests and semester examinations are held with the idea of making the learners mentally alert. Deficiency in English language, its usage and pronunciations are duly cared for with special classes.


Sikkim Bengal Educational Trust (SBET) is a charitable trust, which was formed with the aim of promoting legal education. The Trust was envisioned under the guidance and supervision of its Managing Trustee Shri Milan Sarker, a senior lawyer and honorary Lecturer of Law at the Department of Law, University of North Bengal. The other trustees of Sikkim Bengal Educational Trust mostly belong to the law fraternity of senior advocates, academicians, legislators and people in social and community service. The trust has the vision to promote quality legal education with a thrust on a judicious balance in academic learning and professional training and thereby preparing students for leadership in advocacy, government, judiciary, business, education, law consultancy and public service.


S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is a strategic partner of TECHNO INDIA GROUP. TECHNO INDIA GROUP is the leader in quality education and is one of the largest knowledge management groups in the country, with eleven campuses consisting of six engineering colleges, three business schools, six IT schools, three higher secondary schools, and several other institutions. The Group is propagating education in Technology, Science, Management and Medicine and promoting the concept of Vertical Integration from Nursery to Ph.D. under one roof. S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is a member of TECHNO INDIA GROUP in non-technical education sector. The overwhelming success of its institutions in technical education and the concept of Vertical Integration from nursery to Ph.D. under one roof prompted the Group to establish educational institutions for promotion of professional legal education. S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is a maiden venture in this direction. TECHNO INDIA GROUP has attracted toppers from almost all renowned schools in West Bengal and India in its institutions which in turn has attracted industry leaders like TCS, Infosys, CTS,Reliance and several others at par to the named ones for its fresh engineers. Adhering to the same teaching techniques that are being followed in technical education sector, a revolution is all set for legal education. The main objective of S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is to train and groom students that would lead to an edge over the others and direct them for leadership in advocacy, government, judiciary, business, education, law consultancy and public service.


S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is affiliated to the University of Kalyani , vide University Letter No.MS-EC(25)/SR/04 and the degree of B.A.LL.B. (HONOURS) will be awarded by the University of Kalyani. The degree of B.A.LL.B. (HONOURS) is recognized by the Bar Council of India as the professional degree for enrollment as an advocate in the rolls of the Bar Councils, vide Letter No. BCI:D:200:2004 (LE:Mtg.)(15-WB). The inspection team of Bar Council of India, New Delhi arrived on the SKAIL campus on 3rd November, 2006 for the inspection and in-depth study of the SKAIL infrastructure as well as academic and administrative functioning of the institute towards fulfillment of BCI’s criterion. The team was represented by two Hon’ble members of BCI: Shri Ashoke deb, learned advocated and MLA of WB Legislative Assembly and Mr. Nair, learned advocate of Kerala High Court. The members held detailed discussion with the Managing Trustee , SKAIL faculties, students and also the Registrar of Kalyani University. They appreciated SKAIL programme as achieved within a short span of time since July 2004. After inspection the team member called on the Vice Chancellor Prof. Arabindo Kumar Das , University of Kalyani, in his chamber and presented a glowing testimony to the institution and requested the Vice Chancellor for his special patronage towards growth and development of SKAIL. S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is approved by the West Bengal Council for Higher education, Government of West Bengal, vide their Letter No. 551-EDN(C.S)4C-34/04.


  • S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW endeavours to promote and advance its mission of :
  • Promoting advanced learning of law and legal processes;
  • Developing professional skills and competence in law and legal profession;
  • Advancement of cause of research and dissemination of knowledge in law;
  • Evolving legal education on a socially relevant basis;
  • Evolving legal education on a professionally significant basis;
  • Instilling sense of social and professional responsibilities in every student;
  • Promoting rule of law and good governance.


S.K.ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF LAW is open to persons of all religions of either gender irrespective of their caste, class, race, ethnicity or place of birth. The institute does not discriminate on the basis of caste, class, religion,race,sex ethnicity or place of birth in its administration of educational policies, programmes or activities or in its employment.


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