Teaching Method

Teaching Method

Teaching Method

At SKAIL the teaching methodology is highly innovative, multi-dimensional and flexible. Students experience a variety of teaching methods, including the traditional class room lectures, interactive methods like case studies, problem solving, Socratic methods, and experiential methods like simulations, role playing and participation in real client clinics. The teaching system is such as to facilitate flexibility and creativity in teaching. The teaching system lays emphasis on participatory pedagogic methodology in addition to regular class room teaching and focuses on:

  • Student-centered approach to learning;
  • Maximum student – faculty interaction;
  • Developing essential legal analytical skills;
  • Developing the ability to present a legal argument both orally and in writing;
  • Developing practical legal research skills.

Class Room Lectures

Class room lectures aim to teach specific course contents including legal principles, statute laws, judicial rulings and precedents. The Class room lectures are so designed as to ensure active cognitive learning during the classes.

Interactive Methods

Class room lectures are supplemented by interactive teaching methods like class discussions, case studies, problem solving exercises, Socratic exchanges etc. The interactive methods are designed to help students develop their ability of analytical and logical reasoning and ability of applying legal principles to practical situations.

Clinical Methods

Clinical methods try to fully integrate the teaching of legal theory with lawyering skills. The aim of clinical education is to instill in students the habit of competent legal practitioner. In Clinics the students are introduced to basic Lawyering skills of client interviewing, client counseling, case planning, drawing litigation strategy, negotiation, legal research, legal drafting, law office management, applied professional ethics etc. In Clinics, dealing with simulated and real clients, the students learn essential legal skills by ‘doing law’ and in the process they gain confidence as they make the transition from law students to practicing lawyers.

Moot Courts

Moot Court exercise is an important aspect of legal education at SKAIL. The Moot Courts are conducted with the primary objective of inculcating court culture among the students. Moot Courts help the students in gaining necessary confidence in argumentative capability which is an important aspect of oral advocacy.

Practical Training

Student practical training occupies an important place in legal education. It helps students co-relate the theoretical knowledge obtained in class rooms to the realities of law and the legal profession. It exposes them to different aspects of legal work in lawyers’ chambers, courts, administrative offices, quasi-judicial establishments, prosecution departments, police establishments, correctional institutions, government law offices, commercial and industrial establishments, legislative secretariats, non-governmental organizations, etc. Accordingly, SKAIL has formulated an extensive Practical training programme for students with law firms, senior lawyers, corporate houses and social action groups. The programme will be coordinated by the Practical Training Cell at SKAIL. In the first and second year of study placement training is optional for the students. They are, however, encouraged to work with the NGOs and other organizations and try to understand the social milieu in which they have to undertake professional task. A Practical Training Cell shall be functional for the final year students which will correspond with lawyers, law offices, companies and other legal establishments to get their approval for accepting the students on placement. On receipt of their concurrence the students concerned will be informed to prepare for undertaking the assignment. In the month of September, before the Puja vacations, all students will be given an orientation on work to be done, procedure to be followed, records to be kept, reports to be prepared and the standards of integrity, loyalty and professionalism to be maintained during their practical training.

Computer Training

SKAIL has institutional arrangements with Techno India Group, which is the leader in eastern India in providing technical education, for imparting computer education to students.

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