Campus Regulation

Campus Regulation

Campus Regulation

Student Discipline and Campus Regulation

At SKAIL, the students are required to maintain high standards of ideal, conduct and discipline. There is Disciplinary Committee for the purpose. The Committee consists of Registrar, SKAIL, Lecturer-in-Charge, SKAIL as convener of the Committee, Administrative Head, SKAIL and one faculty member of SKAIL. Any untoward incidents are monitored by the Committee and in appropriate cases reports are submitted to the Director. Whenever found necessary, the Director may order for further enquiry into the conduct. Depending on the nature and gravity of the action, punishments including suspension and expulsion from SKAIL may be ordered by the Director. SKAIL encourages parents and guardians to maintain contacts with the Registrar/ Lecturer-in- Charge to influence and shape the conduct and character of their wards during their stay and study in the campus. A Parents-Faculty consultation process in this regard has been developed. SKAIL expects all guardians and parents to co-operate in this regard. However, all decisions in this regard are subject to the general control of the Governing Body of SKAIL. SKAIL has made special arrangements for parents stay in the well furnished SKAIL guest house which is subject to prior booking. For this purpose nominal charges shall have to be paid in the office of SKAIL.

Prohibition on consumption of intoxication substances

The SKAIL campus and the Halls of Residence are strictly "No Smoking Zones and Alcohol Free Zones". Smoking, consumption of any kind of intoxicating or alcoholic drinks or narcotic drugs or narcotic substances are strictly prohibited.

Prohibition on Ragging, Sexual Harassment and Obscene or Indecent Behavior

Ragging and sexual harassment are considered as acts of gross indiscipline and are strictly prohibited and will invite serious punishments. Indecent and obscene behavior by the students is also strictly prohibited. Each boarder student will have to execute an undertaking in prescribed form at the time of admission as a hostel boarder.

Mobile Phones

Use of mobile phones by the students in the campus is discouraged. However, if it is necessary for them, the students can keep mobile phones but in silent mode. Use of mobile phones inside the class rooms, library, computer lab, language lab, conference room, student's court room etc. is strictly prohibited. The institute does not bear any responsibility for loss or theft of mobile phones, laptops etc. and always discourages the possession of such expensive items.

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