Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of the following members :

  • 1. Shri. Milan Sarker, Managing Trustee, S.B.E.T. A noted lawyer, guest faculty of law at NBU and is the Chairman of the Governing Body.
  • 2. Prof.Nilimesh Roy Chowdhury, Former Chairman, Kalyani Municipality, Kalyani.
  • 3. Shri. Satyam Roy Chowdhury, Managing Director, Techno India Group.
  • 4. Shri Ashok Deb, Member, Bar council of West Bengal. Shri Deb is a member of the Bar Council of India and a member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly.
  • 5. Shri. Subrata Sarkar, Advocate, member of Bar Council of West Bengal.
  • 6. Shri.Sourajit Ghosh, Advocate, Calcutta High Court.
  • 7. Shri. Ashutosh Sarkar, Social Activist, B.Tech,Techno India and PGDM, IMS.
  • 8. Shri. Amalesh Roy, Advocate, Calcutta High Court.
  • 9. Ms. Tanya Sarkar, Director (Administration).
  • 10. Shri Utpal Bhattarcharyya, Former Registrar, Kalyani University.
  • 11. Teacher-in-Charge, S.K.Acharya Institute of Law, Ex-Officio Secretary to the Governing Body.

The General Council

This is the supreme advisory body of the Institute with powers to review the policies and programme of the Institute. It is presided over by the Chairman. There are 31 eminent persons who have been nominated to the General Council for a period of five years.

Academic Council

The Academic Council consists of the following persons :

  • 1. Shri. Milan Sarker, Managing Trustee, SBET;
  • 2. Prof. (Dr.)Gangotri Chakraborty, Department of Law, University of North Bengal;
  • 3. Prof. (Dr.) Ali Mehdi, Banaras Hindu University;
  • 4. Shri. Siddharth Gyalsen, LL.B. (HONOURS), Oxford University, London, Solicitors (UK);
  • 5. Shri. Subrata Sarkar, Advocate, member of Bar Council of West Bengal;
  • 6. Registrar, S.K.Acharya Institute of Law;
  • 7. Teacher-in-Charge, S.K.Acharya Institute of Law;
  • 8. All members of the core faculty of law in S.K.Acharya Institute of Law;
  • 9. Ms. Tanya Sarkar, Director (Administration), B.A.LL.B (Honours), LLM – University of Leeds, U.K.
  • 10. Miss Asmita Das, Assistant Librarian, S.K.Acharya Institute of Law
  • 11. Shri Vinod Agarwal, Advocate , Darjeeling.
  • 12. Shri.(Dr.)Jyotirmoy Adhikary, Advocate, Calcutta High Court and visiting teacher at WB National University of Juridical sciences.

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