Course Fees

Course Fees

Course Fees

The fees for the B.A.LL.B (Honors) degree programme for each academic year shall be Rs. 30,000.00 (Rupees Thirty Thousand) only i.e. Rs. 15,000.00 per semester exclusive of examination and other fee payable to the University.

However an additional 10% of the total course fees for 5 years shall be payable to the university by the student at the time of admission as the university registration fee with effect from academic session 2010- 11. Additionally a security deposit of Rs.10000 (Rupees ten thousand) shall be paid, out of which Rs.5000 will be refunded at the end of the course.

The fee shall be paid at a time at the beginning of each academic session. However, the students with the permission of the registrar, SKAIL on furnishing reasonable ground may pay the fees in three installments within 90 days from the date of payment of 1st installment, the 1st Installment is payable at the beginning of each semester. If the fee is not paid within a week after the commencement of the semester, it shall be collected with late fee Rs. 10 per day from the beginning of the semester. This shall be applicable till the end of 30 days from the beginning of the semester. If a student fails to pay fee within the prescribed period of 30 days from commencement of the semester, his name shall be removed from the rolls and he/she be re-admitted only on payment of re-admission fee of Rs. 1000 and a satisfactory report of progress and conduct from the Faculty Committee.

Assistance in availing Educational/Study Loan

SKAIL will provide assistance to students, who need educational/study loans for pursuing their studies at SKAIL, in availing educational/study loans from HDFC Bank or any other bank or financial institution. The educational/study loan will be provided by the bank/financial institution to the students as per the terms and conditions of the concerned banks.

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